Practice real math

Your kid practices thousands of Common Core Standards-based math questions. Same questions that they get see at school.

To earn Brownie Points

They earn Brownie Points for practicing those questions. The app encourages them to practice math and earn Brownie Points regularly.

That win real games

They use the earned Brownie Points to win their favorite iPad & iPhone games. The games act as fantastic motivators for the kids to keep practicing.

Building a bright future!

Right motivation and regular practice shows dramatic improvements in kids' performance. 61% kids reach "Above Grade Level" within a month.

Amazing Math App

Amazing Math App is a revolutionary math practice and learning platform built with Common Core Standards, and designed for the sole purpose of helping your kid reach Above Grade Level in a matter of months. To motivate kids to practice more math, the app automatically awards great games like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, and many more. Available for Kindergarten to 7th grade.

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Amazing Math App

A math practice app that rewards kids for improving math skills

Real Math

Thousands of Common Core Standards-based math questions

Celebrate Mastery

Kids love celebrating small victories as they master each math standard

Real Games

Real iPad & iPhone games act as great motivators for the kids to keep practicing math

Learn to earn

The only way for kids to get their favorite games is by practicing math and earning required points

Bit more motivation

For added motivation, the app awards kids achievement badges for learning and practicing math regularly

Report Cards

Report Cards allow parents to keep close tabs on the kids' learning

Find problem spots

Detailed report cards show parents exactly which standard and which type of question kids are struggling with